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Traveling Diary: La Cruses, New Mexico

Today will be our seventh move since we’ve been on the bus, and our 100th (I’m exaggerating) manual toilet clean. For an adventure of a life time, I sure am perturbed. My whole life has been about controlling my surroundings, protecting myself from adversity. As I sit on the bus sofa with a space heater at my feat, I beg myself to remember why our family actually is doing this. 

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The Real Fears of Traveling with Mental Illness

Those of us struggling with mental health deal with many barriers against getting the help we deserve, e.g., cost, finding a doctor who actually specializes in mental illness (yes, those struggling with physical illness can experience, too.) But, for those of us with mental illness, even when we do find the help we need, that is not as readily available as those with physical illness, we also deal with the shame that comes along with needing the help in the first place.

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