One bus, two parents, two tweens, a dog and a year of service in search of Wide Wonder. As accomplished thought leaders, authors and activists in addiction, recovery and mental health, we seek to expand conversations, reduce stigma and experience radical transformation. We believe full lives are possible when we heal in communities and family systems and abandon stigma and labels. We let go of all we thought we should be and have, and instead, we root down in connection with ourselves and others as we meet vibrant communities and individuals in search of change. A refurbished school bus is our ‘tiny house’ for the year, and we are opening ourselves wide to the possibilities of all that is before us and within us.


Robyn Cruze

Internationally-recognized author and speaker Robyn Cruze published Making Peace with Your Plate (Central Recovery Press) with Espra Andrus, LCSW, which will enter its second edition in January 2020. Her work and her recovery story have been featured internationally in media outlets including Refinery29, Yahoo Style, Psychology Today, Good Morning Washington, NPR Radio, among others. Having struggled and found recovery from mental health disorders, Robyn serves as a Director of Advocacy consultant for Eating Recovery Center. As a successful Australian film, TV and theater actor, Robyn holds Master’s degree in performing arts and is a sought-after keynote speaker, educating on mental wellness, addiction and the recovery from. She also trains on The Body Conversation—how to have a relationship with your body and the food you put in it.

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Timothy Harrington’s mission as a nationally recognized emotional health advocate, thought leader, coach, and family recovery support specialist is to meet anyone affected by the addictive behavior of someone close to them exactly where they are and attend to their particular needs with a personalized and comprehensive, continuum of support strategy, that includes modern, relevant, and values-based comprehensive family recovery education, training and ongoing support. He believes that—”Anyone affected by the addictive behavior of someone close to them deserve a higher level of ongoing care and support that matches the importance of their role in the sustainable recovery and healing process.“



A black belt ninja, Lilly has a passion for interior design, fashion, photography and traveling. Before each season you can find Lilly decorating her surroundings (wherever we are), designing new outfits and mapping out her latest wish list international traveling spot.



Food, walks and snuggles is Priscilla’s jam. Her joyful spirit reminds us all that life is for loving, adventure and snuggles—oh, and let’s not forget the importance of sleep. Where there is Priscilla, there is love. 



Make up, slime and all things squishy, is what Chloe is about. At any given time, you can find her experimenting with makeup, ”cooking with Chloe“ and making slime.